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] Contents 

\ Complete Controls.. 3 

Menu Controls....... 3 

Gameplay Controls 3 

GoldenEye Controls 3 

Introduction 4 

Setting Up the Game 4 

Playing the Game 4 

Game Screen 4 

Moving and Using Cover ., 5 

Health and Armour 5 

Weapons Handling 5 

Hand-to-Hand Attacks 6 

Hostage Taking 6 

Using Machine Traps... S 

Using the GoldenEye 6 

Rogue Scoring .7 

Pause Menu ......7 

Game Modes , 8 

Campaign 8 

Splitscreen 8 

Splitscreen Game Modes ..8 

Advanced Setup S 

System Link , ..9 


Take GoldenEye: Rogue Agent™ Beyond the Box 9 

Connecting ..,„... 9 

Online Menu 10 

EA Messenger 10 

Online Multiplayer Modes 10 

Weapons 11 

Hints & Tips 12 

Saving and Loading ........12 

Warranty 13 

Customer Support 13 

Complete Controh 

Menu Controls 

Highlight menu items 

• t 

Cycle choices/Move sliders 

• - 

Select/Go to next screen 


Return to previous screen 


Gameplay Controls 





Select GoidenEye ability 


Right hand trigger 


Left hand trigger 


Crouch toggle 

Right hand action/drop or pick up 

weapon in the right hand 

Throw grenade (when hand is empty) 



Hand-to-hand attacK 


Left hand action/drop or pick up 
weapon in the left hand 

o ■ ■ ■ 

Pause game 


GaMenEye Controls 

Select Magnetic Polarity Shield 
Select Magnetic Induction Field 
Select MR! Vision 
Select EM IHack 



Activate/ Deactivate GoldenEye 


Note: This is the Precision control configuration. Other configurations are 
available by accessing either the main menu Profile Options or in-game Pause 
Menu (see p, 7). 

For more information about this and other titles, take a look at EA GAMES" 
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Zuricll - London - LoLiisville 

Mr. 1 luncer: 

welcome u. my or^.iz.™. Vm sure you svffl find th. ^a.f.. of .*rk.,g 

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v..,rk ™. corLra.i..-d by hr.,Kl5..o v^o.e s,-.r,d.rds sr. of a,e 

highest .^lib,.. I ..sun. y«u. ch. resdcs will enhance your abilines. 

Ihis leav,-. or,!y the flna) t^rr. of our agrc.em.nt: our common enenny. Dr. 

,mi„, NO I Will hold our cor,tra.L Fulfilled l.he moment h. has 1,,-en ..|,™,n.ted. 

com. immedi^teiv to A.*- Enterprise. In Switzerland. M trawl .nd d:>.um..nts 

have been aircinged. 

■.ou .41 te met by my driver at Ai.po^. 1 k- goes b>.. the name ol Odd,oh. 

Auric Coidfinqi^r- 

Up the Game 




Start or continue a Single Player campaign. 

Play against friends and discover who the top Rogue Agent is. 

This mode allows you to compete against other players using 

System Link. See System Link on p. 9. 

Play GoldenEye: Rogue Agent online. 

Change controller and audio/visual settings, viam stats or 

change the active profile. 

View the credits or get unlocked features. 

Playing the Game 
Game Screen 


Left hand 
ammo remaining 

GoldsnEys msnu 


Right hand 
ammo remaining 

Moving and Using Caver 

® To move, press ©, 

@ You may be tough, but you are not invulneral:le. Your enemies are more 

accurate when you stay out in the open. To avoid damage and make it tougher 
for enemies to fire upon you accurately, take cover behind obstactes. 

To toggle between crouching and standing, press ©. 

HEaitti antM Armaur 


Your health is measured by the curved red bar on the right side of the screen, 
© As you take damage your health is depleted. If you avoid taking damage for 

several seconds you health vi/lll begin to replenish itself. 
@ The meter flashes when your health becomes low. If your health runs out 

completely you are defeated and must resume the mission form your last 

auto-save point. 

Your armour level is measured by the curved blue bar on the left side of the screen. 
@ To replenish your armour level, acquire armour vests. When your armour level 

is full, the on-screen armour gauge turns gold. 
® Some enemies carry a spare armour vest which you can acquire once you 

have dispatched them. 

Tip: Use precise shots to eliminate enemies cleanly and maximise the value of 
the armour they may be carrying. The more bullets you fire into an enemy, the 
more you degrade his spare armour. 

Weapuns Handling 

As a rogue agent you carry the SPEC-9 personal side-arm. This light weapon can 

never be dropped and always has ammunition. 

@ You may pick up additional weapons during a mission, but only Type-S Frag 

grenades and the SPEC-9 can be bolstered. When your left or right hands are 

free, these two weapons are automatically equipped. All other weapons are 

dropped when you pick up a new weapon. 
@ Some weapons are small and can be fired one-handed while other weapons 

are heavier and require both hands, 
@ If a two-handed weapon has a secondary feature, such as a recon scope, 

activate the feature by pulling O, 
@ For maximum firepower, wield weapons in both hands. 
Right Hmnd 

® To fire your right hand weapon, pull B. 
® To pick up a new weapon in your right hand, press O. 
@ To drop a weapon in your right hand, hold O until it drops, 
@ If no other weapon is equipped in your right hand, your SPEC-9 personal 

sidearm is automatically equipped. 


t Hand 

I ® To fire your left hand weapon, pull a. 

I ® You can throw grenades only if your left hand is free of other weapons. 

® To pick up a new weapon in your left hand, press O. 

@ To drop a weapon in your left hand, hold © until it drops. 

Hand-ta-Hand JKttmrHs 

Sometimes the best option at close range is your bare hands. 

@ Melee attacks directly dannage an enemy's health, even if the enemy has 

full armojr. 
© To SLibdue an enemy by hand, press #10 strike your opponent until he is 

stunned (usually one or two strikes). Once stunned, press • again to knock 

your enemy out. 

Mote: Heavily armoured enemies can withstand multiple melee attacks before 
being stunned. 

Hastage Taking 

When cover is scarce, using enemies as human shields is an efficient way of 

protecting yourself and dispensing with your opponents. 

® To take a hostage, press • to stun your opponent with a hand-to-hand attack 

then press O to take a stunned opponent hostage. 
@ Hostages can be thrown by pressing O. Well-timed throws can knock other 

enemies to the ground. 

Using n/iaciiine Traps 

Machine traps - elements in the environment that can be used to defeat 

opponents ■ are located throughout the game. 

© When the prompt appears, press O to activate a machine trap. 

Tip: Be cautious around machine traps. Your enemies may decide to use them 

against you. 

Using tliB GaldenEye 

Your GoldenEye can be upgraded with the ability to shield you from gunfire, see 
enemies through walls and more. As you progress through the campaign, new 
GoldenEye ability upgrades are awarded to you by Francisco Scaramanga. 

MRI Vision -^^^^^^^^^^^^^S- Magnetic Induction Field 

Magnetic Poiarity Siiield 

I ® To use your GoldenEye, press • to select a GoldenEye ability, then press O to 
activate the GoldenEye. 

Using your GoldenEye depletes your GoldenEye power level over time. Some 
GoldenEye features consume significant amounts of power alt at once and others 
drain power slowly over time. Be sure to keep an eye on your power levels, 

® When you are not using your GoldenEye it slowly recharges Its power level. 

® Certain types of machinery or structures can drain your GoldenEye of its 
power. Watch your on-screen readouts for signs of power drain. 

EatdBnEyB AbUity UpgratMes 

POLARITY SHIELD Deflect bullets and other attacks or discharge into enemies 

with melee attacks. (Drains power over time.) 
MRI VISION Detect an opponent's presence through wails and other 

obstacles. (Drains power overtime.) 
EM HACK Tamper with weapons and remote control electronics. (One 

time power cost per use.) 
MAGNETIC FIELD Throw enemies to their doom. Press © to control the field's 

direction. (One time power cost per use.) 

lUultiplayer with the GaltienEye 

@ In Multiplayer games the Magnetic Field is replaced by an EMP burst. This 
stuns your opponent so that he cannot move and slowly drains his health. 

Tip: If you get caught in an EMP burst, use the BM Hack to break free. 
® Using the Polarity Shield in Multiplayer makes you invincible for a short period 
of time at the cost of draining all of your GoldenEye power. During the time 
your Polarity Shield is enabled you are undetectable on the MR! Vision scans 
of others. 

Rague Scaring 

At the end of each mission you are scored on how well you completed your 
assignment. Your Rogue Score is the sum of the total eliminations you 
accomplished during the mission plus several bonuses. Special unlocks, such as 
multiplayer maps, become available to you for achieving high scores. 
You can increase your overall score by earning bonuses in the following areas. 
ACCURACY Awarded for exceeding your accuracy goal. 

DIFFICULTY Flat bonus awarded for playing at an increased difficulty level. 

ROGUE Awarded for accomplishing special moves such as precise shots, 

melee knockouts or the exceptional use of a machine trap. 

Note: If you earn a Rogue Bonus during gameplay, an icon appears in the 
upper right corner of the screen indicating what type of bonus was earned. 

Pause Menu 

Read the mission objectives, adjust controller options, restart the mission or quit 

the game from the Pause menu. 

® To pause the game, press O. 

@ Select OPTIONS In the Pause menu to change the button layout, invert the Y- 

axis on your controller, toggle controller vibration, auto aim and auto level 

ON/OFF, or adjust X and Y sensitivity. 

IGame Modes 

I Conquer the Band underworld in a variety of game modes, from single player 
' campaigns to all-out multiplayer firefights. 


Play a series of missions to exact revenge on Dr. No. 
To Start a new single player campaign: 

1. Select CAMPAIGN in the Main menu. 

2. Automatically play tfie next mission in the campaign sequence or select 
MISSION to choose a different mission. 

3. Select DIFFICULTY to change the difficulty level, 

4. Select PLAY. The campaign begins. 

Note: Missions are played sequentially. Unlock new missions by successfully 
completing the previous missions. 


Two, three or four players can compete in multiplayer Splitscreen rrode. 
To start a game in Splitscreen mode: 

1. Select SPLITSCREEN in the Main menu. 

2. Press O to access the Profile Selection screen. 

Mote: If you do not wish to create a new profile you may use the 'default' 
profile. However, your game progress and any unlocks are not saved. 

3. Select a profile and a character. An on-screen prompt appears noting that you 
are ready to play, 

4. When all players are ready, press O to continue, 

5. Select a game mode and a map. 

Note: Some maps must be unlocked in Campaign, Splitscreen and Online modes. 

6. If you wish, press O to adjust advanced setup options (see below}. 

7. Once a game mode and map have been selected and any additional options 
adjusted, press G to begin. 

SpiitscrEen Game Mades 


Every man for himself. The most kills wins. 

Eliminate the other team... at all costs. 

Capture domination points to keep your counter high, 

lise the switches to move the train into the opponents area 

Advanced Setup 

MAP ROTATION Queue up to nine more maps to play or repeat in one session, 

RULES Give the match a particular rule set. 

NORMAL Play the match with no special rules, 

GOLDEN GUN Place Scaramanga's legendary Golden Gun in the map. 

YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE Each player receives two lives. 

LICENCE TO KILL All weapons are one hit elrmmatmns. 

TIME Adjust or turn OFF the match time limit. 

ELIMINATIONS Adjust or turn OFF the match elimination limit 

Note: Time and Eliminations cannot both be OFF at the same time. 


(team modes only) 
(team modes only) 

Determine whether teammates can injure each other. 

Set whether the game forces teams to have even numbers 

of players 

Allow a variety of gameplay modifiers to be in effect. 

Customise which weapons appear on the map. 

Set which powerups appear on the map. 

Note: You must select PLAY in the Advanced Setup screen to use the settings 
you select Exiting the Advanced Setup screen will reset these options. 

System Linh 

You can connect two Xbox consoles together using an Xbox System Link Cable, cr 

up to eight Xbox consoles using an Ethernet hub and standard Ethernet cables 

(one player per console). 

CREATE To create a new System Link match for others to join select 

a map and choose from Showdown, Team Showdown, 
Domination, Countdown, Domination orTug-o-War. 

JOIN Enter one of the games created on other linked Xbox 

consoles from the Available Games list. 


Take on enemies over an internet connection. 

Take GaidsnEye: Hague Agent^'^ 
Beyond the Box 

Xbox Live'" is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming community where you 
can create a permanent gamer identity, setup a Friends List with other players, see 
when they're online. Invite them to play, and talk to them in real-time as you play. 


Before you can use Xbox Live, you need to connect your Xbox console to a high- 
speed or broadband Internet connection and sign up for the Xbox Live service. To 
determine if Xbox tiVe is available in your region and for information about 
connecting to Xbox Live, see 
Setting up 

'1. Select XBOX LIVE from the Main menu, then select a profile and a skin. The 

Select Gamertag screen appears. 
2. Choose your Gamertag and press to verify your account and sign in. 

If you have not created a Gamertag, select CREATE NEW ACCOUNT and press 
O to exit to the Xbox Dashboard, then follow the on-screen Instructions. 


w ww.eagam 

OntinE Menu 

Quickly search and join an existing match. 

Filter your search for online matches. 

Create a new online match for others to join. 

See how you stack up against other Rogue Agents. 

View your personal stats. 

Modify your EA Online account settings. 

Select a character skin to use during gameplay. 

Ouich Match 

Jump right into an online game with Quick Match mode. 

® To start a Quick Match game, select QUICK MATCH in the Oniine menu. A 
randomly chosen match appears. You may either join this game or select to be 
matched with another randomly chosen game, 


OptiMatcli ailows you to filter the list of online games, 

® Select OPTIMATCH in the Online menu. You may now filter the list of online 
games by game mode, rules, maps and other options. 

Hast Match 

Host an online game for others to join. 

To host a match, select HOST MATCH in the Online menu. Select a map and adjust 

advanced setup options if desired (see p, 8}. Gameplay t)eQins. 

EA nfessenger 

Find your friends online - or discover new ones. 

@ To open EA Messenger, press O, 

® To see the last ten people you've played against, view the Player's list. You can 

send friend invitations or give feedback from this list. 
® If you have an existing Xbox Live account, your Friend List will be retained in 

the EA Messenger. 

Online It/fultiplai/er Matles 

Ail Splitscreen game modes are available in online play, Additionally, one more 
game mode, Countdown, is available: 

I COUNTDOWN Protect countdown platforms to drop your enemies' 

counter to zero. 



Your personal sidearm is a modified version of the 1VII6 standard issue 9MM. 
Although this weapon Inflicts light damage, it is fast and highly accurate. 

Note: The SPEC-9 is fiolstered when other weapons are equipped. 

This standard-issue, highly explosive grenade with a ricochet fuse provides 
indirect fire options in short- and long-range situations. It inflicts an extremely 
high level of damage with large blast radius. 

Note: Type-S Frag grenades can only be thrown when left hand is free. 
JACKAL .357 

With heavy firepower in a small package, the Jackal .357 is the most popular pistol 
! in the underworld. It inflicts a high level of damage and is extremely accurate. 

This short-range, wide-coverage shotgun excels at assault operations. Although its 
powerful blast inflicts a high level of damage and can knock opponents off their 
feet, its accuracy leaves something to be desired, 


This compact and reliable submachine is a popular weapon among guard and 
patrol units throughout the underworld, its high rate of fire compensates for its 
light damage capabilities and poor accuracy, 

Originally manufactured for British Special Forces applications, the two-handed 
AR4 Commando is the pre-eminent recon and assault weapon In the world today 
LO/VGBaw SR (Campaign aniyj 

Perfect for assassination and sniper missions, the two-handed Longbow SR 
provides incredible accuracy over long distances for the patient operator. 

A portal^le, anti-armour rocket launcher that can fire multiple rounds before 
disposal, the Harpoon is also an effective anti-personnel weapon. Due to its 
extremely wide blast radius, this two-handed weapon is not recommended for use 
in close quarters. 

This two-handed, portable aircraft weapon employs a high-capacity magazine and spin- 
up chain finng mechanism to deliver continuous automatic fire for extended periods. 

Originally developed for kidnapping and Interrogations, the Venom injector 
paralyzes targets with a powerful nerve agent, A direct hit will immobilise a target 
for several seconds, i 


[This coveted sabotage weapon launches an explosive charge that attaches to any 
i surface, including clothing and armour, which can be manually detonated. It is 

especially effective against vehicles and troop formations, 


The by-product of space weapons research, the Mag-Rail uses a superconductive 
magnetic field to launch a depleted uranium rail which can penetrate walls, 
obstacles and enemy personnel. 
TESLA Elf ICampaign aniyj 

Developed from EMP technology used to cleanse data evidence from super 
computers, theTesfa EM Is a high-powered, anti-personnel weapon that can 
disrupt polarity shields employed by the underworld elite. 

Although the existence of this weapon cannot be verified, there are widespread 
reports that Auric Enterprises is aggressively pursuing development of an 
experimental rifle equipped with organic mass energy neutralization technology, 
which woufd cause instant target vaporization. 
EOBUIV MOVE (multiplayer only) 

Predominantly used in sieges and warfare operations, the Goblin Mine is a two- 
handed proximity explosive with an automatic, motion-detected detonation. 
BOLDEIM GUIV (multiplaymr anIyJ 

A masterpiece in the art of concealed weapon craftsmanship, the Golden Gun, the 
personal weapon of Francisco Scaramanga, can eliminate any man in a single shot. 

Hints & Tips 

® Use cover to your advantage. Stand behind walls or crouch behind smaller 

obstacles to disrupt enemy aim and allow enough time for your health to recharge. 
® Experiment with a variety of one- or two-handed to find the perfect 

configuration for your needs. 
® Elite commander units are equipped with personal shields similar to the 

GoldenEye's polarity shield upgrade. These enemies can be identified by a red 

name that appears near your crosshairs. Treat them with extreme caution. 
© If you're pinned down, try using your EM Hack against enemies with dual 

weapons or heavy weapons. The resulting inaccuracy will make it safer for you 

to return fire. 
® Don't forget your hand-to-hand attacks. They come in handy in close quarters 

or against heavily armoured enemies. 
® Think like a villain. You won't get far in the underworld if you play like you've 

got a conscience. 

Saving and Lnading 

Your progress \& automatically saved to your profife. 

To load a game, select a profile in Campaign, Spiitscreen ar Xbox Live modes. 
Your game progress is automatEcally loaded. 


ElGctKonit Arls reserves the right to make improusmants ia this product dsscrit>ect in this rnanual at any lime 
and wrtlhDiJt notice, TTiis m^maln arid Ihe soHware described in tiiis m^iual, is under copy riglit. All rights afe 
reserved. Mo part of this manua! or the described software may be copied, reproduced, translated or raducsd 
to atry electronic meiiium or machine-reai^abte fojrn without the prkir written consent of Electronic Arts Ltd, 
Customer Services, PO Box Ifil, CJigftsey, KT16 OYL, England, United. Kingdom. Electronio Arts makes no 
warranties, oorvdttions or representatjons axpress or impEied, with respoct to this fnanuaL its quaNlyn 
merchantability or fitness for any particular purposs. This manual is provided "as is^- Electronic Arts makes 
certain limited warranties with respect to the software and ihe media for the software. In no event shall 
Electronic Arts E>e liable for any special, indirect or consequential damages. TTiese terms and corKJitions do rwt 
affect or prejudice the statutory rights oif a purchaser in any case v;here a purchaser is a consumer acquiring 
goods otherwise than in ttie course of a business. 


Limited Warranty 

Electronic Arts virarranls to the original purchaser of this computer soltware product that the recording media 
on which \he software programs-are recorded wiJI be free from defects in materials and workmanship tor 90 
days Irom the date of purchase. During such period detective media will be replaced if Ihe original prodtitA is 
returned to Electronic Arts at Ihe below address, together with a dated proof of purchase, a stafemenl 
describing ffie defectSr the faulty nriedia and your return address. This warranty is in addition to, and does not 
affect your statutory rights in a(i/ way. This warranty does not apply to the software program themselves, which 
are provided "as i3^ nor does it appiy to media whid) has been subject to misuse, damage Dre>rcessive wear. 
Returns After Warranty 

Electronic Arts will replace user-damaged media, current stocks allowing, if the original media is returned with 
a Eurocheque or postal order for E1 per disc, payable to Electronic Arts Lid. [f you have any queries on 
wan^nly replacemer>ts or user-damaged discs or manuals, please e-mail us on uk-warfanty^ea.CDm Please 
note that [his is only for warranty and NOT technEcal. queries. Please remember to include fuEl details of the 
defect, your name, address and, where possible, a daytime telephone njjmber wfiere we can contact you. 
Electronic Arts Customer Warranty^ PO Qok 1S1,Chert6ey, KTieOYL, United Kingdom. 

CUSTOMER SUPPORT -Here to help youj 

Protjlem? Question? If yoi> are having problems with your game, we are 1iere to help. 


Electronic Arls .Australia Support Hotline: 

1902 261 eOD* 

^Sirius calls charged at S2.4S per minute, GSTtnc, 

Calls from Motii\& & Pubfic phones higher (If you are 

under IS years of age parental consent Is required). 

Operating hours from 9am to 3pm 7 days a week, as 

well as pre-recorded information 24 hours a day. 

Customer ServFce Address: 

Electronic Arts 

PO Box 432 

Southport OLD 

42"15, Australia 

Email Customer Support: 

ozsuppon ® e a .com 


Game Smith; (011} 74O-0515/6. (OE3)9ie-0OB3 

Electronic Arls South Africa 

PO Box 31 SO 




Electronic Arts f^few Zealand, Games HotHne: 0900 

53885* (If you are under 1 S years of age parental 

consent required). 

*Calls charged at $1 .9^ per minute inc GST 7 days a 

week 9am - 8pm. CalJs from Mobiie &. Putilic phones 

are higher. 

Customer Service Address: 

Electronic Arts New Zealand 

PO Box 47596 


New Zealand 

Email Customer Support: 



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